“We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves.” – Goethe

Looking for more from life?

Perhaps you’ve been struggling in some area – work, relationships or creativity – or you’ve experienced a setback. Psychotherapy is one way to help.

Psychotherapy is a collaborative relationship that supports growth and change. It is also an investment of time and money, as well as mental and emotional energy. To ensure that you find a therapist who is a good match, I urge you to take time in your search.

I am a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in working with those experiencing depression, separation, grief and loss, as well as those struggling with relationships and life transitions – such as young adulthood and divorce. I am also experienced in treating anxiety and trauma. Working out of Pasadena, I provide both group and individual psychotherapy.

My approach to counseling and psychotherapy involves an appreciation of the uniqueness of each client. I believe that successful treatment is comprehensive and integrative, addressing every aspect of a person – thoughts, feelings, behaviors, hopes for the future and past memories. I also feel that spirituality, creativity and cultural identity are essential parts of a person, and strive to facilitate growth in these areas.

Working across settings has provided me with the opportunity to serve people from diverse backgrounds, identities and lived experiences.  I have come to appreciate the necessity of culturally responsive therapy for all, particularly for those with marginalized identities.  I am committed to addressing racism, and other ‘ism’ and the harms they cause to the people I serve.  Given how much I value the therapy relationship, I welcome frank and open discussions about the differences between us, and how they impact our relationship.

The information on this site is just that – information. In no way should it be construed as actual psychotherapy.

NOTE:  During the COVID-19 Pandemic, I am offering sessions via phone or HIPPA compliant video services.  Please contact me with questions if you are seeking services.