Short term psychotherapy

In general, short term psychotherapy is an effective way to address a specific problem. For instance, short term therapy can help a person cope with life transitions, or reduce symptoms of depression. My approach to short term therapy involves collaborating with you to establish clear and appropriate goals. For the most part, this time limited approach involves increasing coping skills, and developing healthy relationship patterns.

Long term psychotherapy

Self-knowledge, free of shame or fear, can unlock one’s creativity, lead to stronger connections with others, and provide one with the sense of truly being alive. Long term psychotherapy is one of many ways to journey towards self-knowledge. My approach to long term work involves the assumption that through ongoing exploration of thoughts, feelings, fears, relationship patterns, dreams and hopes, one may change one’s life from the ‘inside-out.’


“The Developmental Concerns of the Trainee in Clinical Psychology”

Based on my doctoral dissertation, this workshop sheds light on the earliest phase of professional development including the various emotional experiences faced by the young therapist, and the value of securing productive supervisory relationships. The presentation has been well-received by early career clinicians and clinical supervisors at several agencies throughout Los Angeles County.