The Power of Group Psychotherapy

Whatever we hope to gain from affiliation with others, one thing is clear: Relationships are far from simple. While we have a need for them, they are inevitably complex, confusing and even frustrating.

Whether you struggle to create satisfying relationships, can’t seem maintain them, or you simply want to gain a deeper sense of yourself, group psychotherapy can be of great benefit.

What is Group Psychotherapy?

Group psychotherapy involves regular, weekly sessions lasting one and a half hours. Group psychotherapy – commonly referred to as a process group – differs from support groups in that the support group helps a person cope with a particular situation, while group psychotherapy involves learning through experience and deepening one’s understanding of oneself. Rather than answering questions or providing solutions, group psychotherapy urges one towards exploration.

Group psychotherapy is unique in that the group itself is often seen as the most powerful factor leading to change. In practical terms, group members are encouraged to speak directly one another about their experiences, resulting in rich opportunities for feedback and learning.

Who can Benefit from Group Psychotherapy?

Over the years, group psychotherapy has established itself as more than an auxiliary to individual work. In fact, group psychotherapy may be as or more effective than individual in some ways.

Specifically, group can address:

Relationship Struggles



Grief and Loss

Life Transitions



Chronic Illness


Ultimately, group can be very rich experience for those who both desire change, and have a hunger to learn more about themselves.

How does Group Psychotherapy Work?

A community or a group tends to be a more powerful force than any individual. Think back to your experiences in your first community: Your family. The same is true in other communities, such as the work environment. Groups tend to move and compel us to feel, think and act in ways that individuals simply cannot.

The key to the success of group psychotherapy is the notion of health within community and relationships. Group psychotherapy tends to have a positive impact in a person’s life when the culture of the community is one of respect, honesty and curiosity. My task as a facilitator involves a sustained effort to shape these values and empower group members to engage one another in healthy ways.

Groups Currently Offered

  • Mixed-Gender Psychotherapy Group for Adults

Group is both challenging and can be highly rewarding.  Please contact me any time for a free phone consultation about group as a potential fit for your current needs.